Experimental project

This is a sandbox project, which contains experimental code for developer use only.

Workbench Notification seeks to provides a lightweight notification solution (for review requests, etc) solution that complements Workbench Moderation but is flexible in allowing the author to determine when and who to seek approval from. While the goal of the project is to create something "lightweight and flexible" this sandbox release is designed to enable "Review Request" emails to executives and/policy makers in an organization.

A Typical Review Request Workflow is:

  1. The Author creates the original version of the content item and (using WB Moderation) moves the content from DRAFT to NEEDS REVIEW state.
  2. The Author then has the option to select one or more Reviewers that should be notified. Notification message text and "DUE BY" date can also be added.
  3. The saving of the node fires a trigger, which automatically emails an HTML formatted messages to each of the selected reviewers.
  4. Each of the Reviewers receives an email which contains a preview of the content and a hyperlink to the content on the site.
  5. On the site at the top of the node's page there is a "Single-Click Approval Form". The user can enter a comment and press either COMMENT or APPROVE. Approvals and comments are saved to the Node's log. Alternatively, privileged users can select EDIT to edit the content directly.
  6. When the node or node log is updated another trigger is fired and the original Author is emailed with the Reviewer's comments and approval (if given). As additional Reviewers review the content additional emails are automatically sent, each containing a tally of those yet to approve.
  7. At any time the Author or Reviewers can visit the Moderation tab of the Node to view review and approval comments chronologically.
  8. At any time in the process, if the Author has been granted publication rights, they can move the content from NEEDS REVIEW to PUBLISHED state.
  9. Another trigger is fired and an HTML formatted email messages is sent to the Author and each of the Reviewers advising them that the content has been published.

The custom module leverages the following contrib and Drupal 7 core modules: Workbench Access, Entity API, Token, Actions and Triggers. The module creates custom triggers and actions, which must be configured through the Triggers and Actions administrative interface. Though not currently implemented, the module was designed to enable quick review and approvals using email enabled smartphones.

This module is designed as an alternative to more full-featured notification solutions using Maestro or Notifications.

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