Experimental project

This is a sandbox project, which contains experimental code for developer use only.

Running existing test suite
Creating a new test


The Behat UI module lets any person to run automated tests and create new tests (and also run them while they are being created). It's fully customizable and the interface is very interactive.

Features on running an existing test suite:

  • The Behat binary and behat.yml can be located at any place, you just need to provide the path to them
  • HTTP authentication
  • Tests run on background, the module checks for the process periodically and the output is updated on the screen (because some large test suites can take even hours to run)
  • Colored and meaningful output

Features on creating a new test (scenario) through the interface:

  • Choose feature (among the existing ones), title and whether it requires a real browser (i.e., needs JavaScript or not)
  • Check available step types
  • Choose step type from select field ("when", "and", "then")
  • Auto-completion and syntax highlighting on the step fields
  • Add new steps
  • Remove a step
  • Reorder steps
  • Run test at any time (even if it's not completed yet)
  • Download the updated feature with the new scenario

Check the attached images and the video at http://ca.ios.ba/files/drupal/behat-ui.ogv.

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