Experimental project

This is a sandbox project, which contains experimental code for developer use only.

Paragraph comments allows users to add comments to each paragraph for annotating. It's a simplified version of CommentPress for WordPress. The latest upload on July 21st is currently running on my website, www.language-exchanges.org and has been run through the Coder module. Paragraph comments uses the built-in comment functions but adds a row to the comment table to include the paragraph id. This id is also exposed in tokens. You can see screenshots below.

The admin can specify the content types on which should allow comments by paragraph to appear.
Screenshot #1

Buttons created via jQuery allow users to expand a div below each paragraph to see the comments (far left), submit a comment about a paragraph (far right), or submit a comment with the text area prepopulated with the text of the paragraph (middle), useful for corrections.
Screenshot #2

Be sure to look at the ReadMe file before installing. Only use with CKEditor. If you want the comment dialogue to appear as an overlay, users submitting comments need permission to the admin overlay, though this does not mean they have access to admin functions. You will also need add overlay_paths and provide the paths for comment submission. Instructions are in the ReadMe file. The module is looking for paragraph html tags, so line breaks in your wysiwyg editor should be set accordingly. Again, instructions are in the ReadMe file.

Thanks to Santiago Princ for help with the jQuery.

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