Experimental project

This is a sandbox project, which contains experimental code for developer use only.

This module allows to render breadcrumbs according to a hierarchy of nodes defined via node reference fields.


Example of usage:

  1. Create content types with some kind of parent-child relationship, e.g. Category and Product
  2. On the Page create a node reference field for the selection of parent Categories
  3. Create a new menu position rule and select the parent reference field in the Node Hierarchy tab

Now, if you e.g. have the following hierarchy...

  • Category 1
    • Product 1
    • Product 2
  • Category 2
    • Product 3

... then your breadcrumbs will look like this for Product 2: [Frontpage] > [Category 1] > [Product 2]
- instead of just [Frontpage] > [Product 2].


  • The hierarchy can be up to 7 levels deep, i.e. you can have multiple node reference fields on different content types, and the tree will walk through them upwards from the current page.
  • If any node in the tree has a menu item, then the remaining hierarchy links will be nested underneith, and respective menu items will be marked as "active".

Project information