Experimental project

This is a sandbox project, which contains experimental code for developer use only.


Media 23Video OAuth integrates with the Media module to upload videos to and show videos from 23Video when using access restrictions on videos. The module uses OAuth authentication via 23Video's own OAuth implementation (https://github.com/23/23video-for-php).

Users can upload files to the 23Video server without having their own login to the 23Video account. Thumbnails are downloaded dynamically.

This module is partially inspired from Media 23Video and spheresh's sandbox module Media 23Video auth.


Media 23Video
Media 23Video provides support for publicly available videos on 23Video. This module is different in that it does not provide OAuth support for access to uploading and viewing videos on a 23Video account.

Media 23Video auth sandbox module
Media 23Video auth provides basic support for authenticating via OAuth, but doesn't yet support uploading or viewing videos. The module also uses a different OAuth library.

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