Experimental project

This is a sandbox project, which contains experimental code for developer use only.

This module provides central server endpoints for TabShop JSON Interface to help you integrate your free Android POS application with Ubercart 3 Stock and Tax modules.

Once enabled this module will:
- send all your stock-activated products to TabShop PRO applicaton,
- send all you tax rates,
- receive invoices from TabShop PRO unit and process them as new orders in Ubercart 3.

Description field is not implemented yet when sending all products to TabShop PRO. That is due to issues with localization.

Product titles are stripped of some special characters like "/", "\" "." and "," and their encoding is changed from UTF-8 to ASCII to avoid issues with old fiscal printers.

Discounts will be supported but I need to know which discount module you need.

To adjust stock levels you need to create a new rule, which fires on "Tabshop completed" order status.

Please bear in mind this module still needs code to check authorization when sending and receiving JSON.

Until that is done, you REALLY need to secure endpoints on your own, for example by .httacces

Project information