Experimental project

This is a sandbox project, which contains experimental code for developer use only.

Have you ever wanted to add autocomplete functionality to a text field, wanted autocomplete but didn't want to write a module to make that happen? Autocomopleteinator utilizes the power of views to allow you to output any content (users, taxonomy, search results etc) as an auto complete for any Drupal generated text field.

tl;dr: Create a field, create a view, turn that field into an autocomplete without having to write any code.

This module requires views_arguments_in_filters until http://drupal.org/node/357082 is in Views 3.


  1. Enable the autocompleteinator module (make sure you install views_arguments_in_filters too)
  2. Enable the autocompeteinator_helper module
  3. Create a feed view display and set it to Autocompleteinator (the RSS one is selected by default)
  4. Add whatever fields you want to the view
  5. Change the settings for the feed and select the fields you wish to be shown
  6. Add in a Global: Null argument (and only this)
  7. Add in a filter for the field(s) you want to search. For the value put in %1 (this is what views_arguments_in_filters actually does)
  8. Save your view and make note of the feed path
  9. Find the field that you want to add the autocompleteinator to. Click the "A" next to that field
  10. Name your autocompleteinator and add in the path to your feed URL
  11. Save your autocompleteinator and now your field should be an autocomplete field

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