Experimental project

This is a sandbox project, which contains experimental code for developer use only.

Commerce Raiffeisen (Serbia) a Drupal Commerce payment method through the gateway of the Raiffeisen Bank.

This module complies to the following requirements of the CIB Bank:

Sends out an email to the customer with the transaction details in case of both successful and failed transactions.
Handles transaction timeouts correctly.
It does not deal with displaying neither the required bank and bank card logos nor the banking and payment information links.


Drupal Commerce.


1. Install the module as usual.
2. Go to your "Modules" and enable the Raiffeisen Payment.
3. Once you install and enable your module, you will have to go to your Drupal Commerce settings and enable 'Raiffeisen bank - card' payment method.


1. You have to contact your Raiffeisen Bank and get all necessary data. Once you receive your details (IDs and files), you can generate security keys. In order to generate SSL keys you have to download and install Win32OpenSSL. You will get detailed instructions from your bank, how to generate security keys.

2. Go to the module settings /admin/commerce/config/raiffeisen and upload your files and enter your IDs.

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who allocated time for development.

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