Experimental project

This is a sandbox project, which contains experimental code for developer use only.


This module provides integration with MindMeister, an online mind mapping software.

Enabling the module, users can create mindmap node type nodes. A node of this type will display the mindmap associated to the node inside a modal frame.


This module uses and depends on jQuery Tools' Overlay component for modal frame implementation.

This module also requires a user to have a MindMeister account in order to add/edit mindmaps.


  1. Download this module and store it at appropriate place (i.e., /sites/all/modules or /sites/[your_site_dicrectory]/modules).
  2. Download jQuery Tools' Overlay component. Store the src directory within the downloaded files inside /sites/all/libraries/jquery_tools . Now the path to overlay.js is /sites/all/libraries/jquery_tools/src/overlay/overlay.js . jQuery Tools is available from http://flowplayer.org/tools/download/index.html or https://github.com/jquerytools/jquerytools .
  3. (Optional) Download jQuery Toolbox's Expose component from http://flowplayer.org/tools/download/index.html . Change its name to "expose.js" and store it at /sites/all/libraries/jquery_tools/src/expose/expose.js .


The number of mindmaps a user can create depends on the type of his/her MindMeister account. Basic account can create up to 3 maps. See here for more information about available account types and pricing.

In order others to view/edit mind maps created by a given user (the author), the author has to either (1) share the map with them and give appropriate privileges for the map of concern or (2) make the map public (i.e, everyone with internet access can access the map of concern).

Project information