Experimental project

This is a sandbox project, which contains experimental code for developer use only.


This module provides an interface in your Drupal site that will store, start, and report success/failure of automated SauceLabs tests.

This module can be used for one-off testing or for automated selenium tests for advanced monitoring needs.


We are currently working on the Drupal 7 version.


We plan to port to Drupal 8 when the Drupal 7 version becomes minimally feature complete for our project needs.


  • SauceLabs account http://www.saucelabs.com
  • SauceLabs testing minutes
  • SauceLabs API key (set up in your account)
  • PHP Unit
  • PHP Unit tests / Selenium tests exported to PHP

Known problems

This is a new project with multiple integrations that may impact functionality (your site's infrastructure, structure of your PHP Unit tests, supporting libraries, PHP version, and your SauceLabs account).


We have not found a similar module for this. If you know of one, let us know.

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Older documentation notes that need cleanup

In your code repo (from the docroot (TODO, see if it can go up one more directory)):

  • Define your private directory (one that is visible to drupal but denied access to the outside world via .htaccess, Ngnix, or Apache rules.

In Drupal: /admin/saucelabs/settings

  • PHPUnit Location: e.g., private/saucelabs/vendor/phpunit/phpunit/phpunit
  • Test Location: e.g., private/saucelabs/tests
  • SauceLabs Username: e.g., my_username
  • SauceLabs Access Key: e.g., 23423525-234234-234234234-23423424 (you make this in your SauceLabs account area.)

Running Your Test:

In Drupal: /admin/saucelabs will take you to your dashboard.

On the Dashboard page, you can add the Test Variable(s) passed to your script. At this instant, only one test variable exists, which is the destination URL. You can run this test against a different server than the one you are on.

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