Experimental project

This is a sandbox project, which contains experimental code for developer use only.

Stratus Bar
Block Player

Get some music going!

This module enables you to add in a SoundCloud player on your Drupal website. You are able to choose between a flash player in a block or a stratus bar that sticks to the bottom of your website.

Getting Started

Simply enable the module. This will add in a SoundCloud Widget button in the admin menu where you can change the settings for this module.
When enabled, a custom block called SoundCloud Widget will apear in Structure -> Blocks. Enable this block and set the SoundCloud player to Block Widget in on the module settings page to use the block player.

The stratus bar does not require a block to be enabled. If enabled, this bar will be on every page.

At the moment the players will make a playlist of all the songs uploaded by one user which is set on the settings page.

Note that the autoplay setting affects both players, while the player type, player height and player width settings only affect the block player.

Planned Features

  • Add support for sets and singles
  • Create form dependencies on the settings page (i.e. hiding the block player specific settings if stratus is selected)
  • More settings for the stratus bar
  • More customization for both bars
  • Vote API(?)
  • Feature requests (don't be shy, I'm still learning and want some challenges!)

Project information