Experimental project

This is a sandbox project, which contains experimental code for developer use only.

This Module is an Input Filter allowing Users to easily add YouTube videos into their content. Using YouTube's “new” h.246 video playback embed method. Not using SWF/flv Object embed! This ensures playback across a variety of more current devices: mobile webkit/android.

  • playback size controls
  • user configureable playback options (autoplay, custom title overlay)
  • admin, override of user controls abilities
  • admin, ratio widget for custom sizing help
  • per input format settings

BUeditor code sample

var S = E.getSelection();
var M = S.match(new RegExp('^\\[url(?:=([^\\]]*))?]((?:.|[\r\n])*)\\[/url]$')) || ['', '', ''];
var form = [
 {name: 'href', title: 'YouTube link', value: M[1] , suffix: E.imce.button('attr_href'), required: true},
var opt = {title: 'Insert YouTube Filter'};
opt.submit = function(tag, form) {
  var el = form.elements;
  var url = el['attr_href'].value;
  E.replaceSelection('[youtube:'+ url +']');
E.tagDialog('a', form, opt);

Project Information