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Jumpple Drupal module Monitor Your Business For Uptime And Performance
If you’re waiting for customers to bring website problems to your attention, you’re waiting too long. For every customer who calls and complains about site downtime, shopping cart issues, or slow load times, there are a dozen more who do not report performance issues they experience.
If your Drupal website or any of its features are down, that means you’re losing business. You need to take proactive steps to keep on top of your website 24 hours a day, whether you’re working or not.
That’s where Jumpple comes into the picture.
With Jumpple, performance monitoring is so easy you can do it in your sleep.
Jumpple comes with a comprehensive suite of web tools for monitoring uptime, performance and speed. Whether your business relies on a simple one-page information site, or a fully-featured dynamic web store, Jumpple has the tools you need to keep track of all relevant performance metrics, including:
* Website uptime.
* Website speed and performance.
* Application (i.e. shopping cart or any other interactive feature) functionality.
The way it works is simple.
After you register your account, Jumpple starts monitoring your website immediately. If any errors or performance issues are detected, Jumpple sends you e-mail, RSS, Twitter and SMS notifications right away, so you can take corrective action before customers are affected.
It’s the easiest, fastest AND most convenient way to monitor your website. Period. And, Jumpple doesn’t just monitor your Drupal website’s uptime. It also monitors each individual web application for functionality, speed and performance, so you don’t have to.

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