Experimental project

This is a sandbox project, which contains experimental code for developer use only.

This module provides integration with the E-goi: Multichannel Marketing Platform (Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing and Social Media Marketing). Sync all users in your Drupal with E-goi. This plugin makes it easier for you to manage your contacts. All the contacts available can be imported to E-goi directly from Drupal.

Main Features (Plugin):

:: Create List from Drupal
:: Create Extra fields from Drupal
:: Subscriptions can be maintained via cron

Main Features (E-goi):

:: Multiple combined channels
:: Effortless campaign and subscriber management
:: Superior deliverability
:: Detailed statistics
:: Multichannel synchronisation
:: Automatic message personalisation
:: Unlimited auto-responders for your campaigns
:: A/B split testing


:: Active E-goi Account http://bit.ly/fCdve3
:: Version 7.0 of Drupal

About E-goi

E-goi is the only platform in the world combining all of these channels. Send an SMS campaign now, mail your e-newsletter later today, launch a voice broadcast tomorrow or sync them all up (eg delivering an SMS will trigger an email with a link which will then trigger a voice broadcast when clicked on).

Why use different systems? E-goi offers you a truly all-in-one platform designed to slash costs and maximize your marketing strategy’s ROI!

Project Information