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Insert collapsible text modal dialog box displayed for CKEditor.

Development discontinued: module merged with Collapse Text

This module has been happily merged with its intended parent, Collapse Text.
Therefore, there is no need to install this module anymore since this feature is now available by default after installing the Collapse Text module (along with Wysiwyg, current support for CKEditor).

Development for this module is terminated and any future maintenance or evolution of this feature will directly take place in Collapse Text.
To report a problem related with this module or feature in general, please create a new issue in the Collapse Text issue tracker with the component Wysiwyg.

Thanks so much to all the contributors without whose help, testing, reporting and feedback, it wouldn't have been possible to have Collapse Text Wysiwyg merged in such a state of maturity.


This module is a simple extension of the Collapse Text module which allows integrating the collapsible text markup with the Wysiwyg module.

It mostly implements: hook_wysiwyg_wysiwyg_plugin($editor) and the rest is pretty much JS related with editors.

At the moment, it only supports CKEditor, but could be extended in the future to also support other Wysiwyg editors.

Pretty much, it allows adding a button in the Rich Text Editor toolbar to provide a more user friendly user interface to insert collapsible text through the markup and syntax defined by the collapse_text module.
[More info about the syntax at: Collapse Text]

Clicking on the "insert collapsible text" button in the wysiwyg toolbar opens an editor's dialog box with separate fields for each of the customizable properties of the Collapse Text module:

  • collapsible text title
  • collapsible text body
  • optional classes

Installation and configuration:

0 - Prerequisite:
a. Requires wysiwyg and collapse_text modules to be installed.
b. Requires CKEditor wysiwyg libraries to be installed.

1 - Download the module and simply put into your contributed modules folder:
[for example, your_drupal_path/sites/all/modules] and enable it from the modules administration/management page.

2 - Configuration:
After successful installation you should be able to see a "configure" link on the modules admin page, next to the "Collapse Text Wysiwyg" module.
click on this configure link, or directly browse to admin/config/content/wysiwyg
Home » Administration » Configuration » Content authoring

3 - Edit the CKEditor profiles which should enable this button to be displayed in the toolbar.
In the Edit settings, under the "Buttons and Plugins" settings, a new option/checkbox should be displayed:
"Insert Collapsible Text"
Check this setting to enable it, then save.

Contributions are welcome!!

Feel free to follow up in the issue queue for any contributions, for example, support across other wysiwyg systems, such as TinyMCE, could be nice to add to the module.
Tests, feedback or comments in general are highly appreciated.

Perhaps one day (hopefully), (Done! Yay!) this module's feature will be merged with the collapse_text module and be automatically enabled if the wysiwyg module is installed... but this would have to be discussed with collapse_text maintainers, see: #1793108: Filter integration with wysiwyg

This module was sponsored by DAVYIN | 上海戴文

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