Experimental project

This is a sandbox project, which contains experimental code for developer use only.

This tiny module will redirect comment permalink to their corresponding node paths.

For an example,
Imagine there are 3 comments for the node with ID 123. The node URL would be http://example.com/node/123.
If there are 3 comments to the node(with comment IDs 145, 156 and 175), they will have URLs like http://example.com/comment/145 , http://example.com/comment/156 and http://example.com/comment/175.

But all 4 URLs (http://example.com/node/123, http://example.com/comment/145, etc)give the same content to the end user. This raises a possibility that search engines will detect duplicate content in your site.

This module will redirect all comment/x paths to their corresponding node-path.

  • http://example.com/comment/145 to http://example.com/node/123#comment-145
  • http://example.com/comment/156 to http://example.com/node/123#comment-156
  • This module can handle pagers as well. If your comment is in the second page (when you have set a comments-per-page value in node type settings),

  • http://example.com/comment/156 to http://example.com/node/123?page=1#comment-156

However, please note that this module won't rewrite comment permalinks to visible in comment's title, Views, core recent comments block or anywhere else. When a page is requested, this module will redirect the user to the correct node page.

HTTP redirect response is 301 Moved Permanently.

This module doesn't provide any user interface. It simply overrides core comment permalink page callback and provides a new one with drupal_goto() to the node path.
To enable the functionality, enable the module. Disable the module to disable this functionality.

Future versions of Global Redirect module will probably have the functionality of this module merged to it. It would be great if you could test it and provide a feedback: #1680978: Request to redirect URLs for comments to the parent node (thanks to JamesOakley and nicholasThompson)

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