Experimental project

This is a sandbox project, which contains experimental code for developer use only.

Module which adds a Block to Drupal that allows the user to import an Excel file, then graph the data using Google Charts API.

When the module is installed, it does two notable things.

It creates a content-type called “Chart”. Moreover, it adds two fields to the “Chart” content-type--”Excell File”, where the user can upload their Excell file to share it on the page which contains their chart, and “Chart”, which is a full-html field, that contains the actual HTML/Javascript pertaining to the chart. By default, all users can edit this field, but this can be changed in the content-type settings. This content type will contain every chart created by the block.

It creates a block, which contains the actual web-form for creating a chart. Works like a regular block--one can limit the block to certain pages, users, etc.

The module creates no extra tables in the Database, but it does add the Google Charts API to the Drupal Javascript library, and it adds the Empire Charts CSS to the Drupal CSS library.

Chart examples are attached to this node. Moreover, there is a comprehensive readme/help file in the module base directory.

Project information