With Drupal you can configure a website with more than 80 available languages.

You can configure a Drupal website to use a language other than English and you can configure a site to use multiple languages.

If your site requires the interface to be displayed in multiple languages or if you need to customize the interface of a single language site, the first step is to enable the multilingual capabilities of Drupal.

You can also configure a Drupal site to allow your users to switch languages and you can translate content into multiple languages.

To get a better understanding of how modules work in Drupal, here is an overview of modules.

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Documentation and Tutorials

Are you ready to launch your Multilingual website? Here are some overviews and guides to get you started.


Video Demos and Intros

Here are some video demos and intros to Multilingual site development in Drupal.

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Getting Started

Get your Multilingual website launched.

  • Localized Drupal Distribution: A small distribution to install Drupal with user interface translations pulled automatically from localize.drupal.org. It is suggested you use this distribution to start off with Drupal if you'd like to set up a localized site.
  • Internationalization: This is a collection of modules to extend Drupal core multilingual capabilities and be able to build real life multilingual sites.
  • Internationalization (i18n) Submodules: A collection of submodules that provides extended multilingual support for Drupal. Each module addresses a specific functionality.
  • Apache Solr Multilingual: The goal of this project is to cleanly extend Apache Solr Search Integration to provide: better support for non-English languages, support for multilingual search, cross-language information retrieval (CLIR), and an easy-to-use administration interface. Apache Solr Multilingual does not replace Apache Solr Search but is based on it.
  • Web Experience Toolkit: Tailored for organizations that need to comply with standards for accessibility and bilingualism or that simply need a deployment based distribution that allows them to get up and running quickly using a carefully curated selection of modules that can support common enterprise business requirements.
  • Related Modules: A list of additional contributed Drupal 7 modules that extend Drupal's multilingual features

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Case Studies

Case studies featuring Multilingual applications in Drupal.

Edmonton International Airport Edmonton International Airport
Greenpeace Greenwire Global Community Greenpeace Greenwire Global Community
deutschland.de deutschland.de
Turner Broadcasting General Entertainment multi-site Turner Broadcasting General Entertainment multi-site

Community Support

Connect with Drupal community groups and members around the world, and search the issue queue for questions and answers related to localization and multilingual websites.


What's Coming in Drupal 8

Drupal 8 is coming soon. Here are some resources to help you understand how Multilingual sites will work in Drupal 8.


Additional Resource Guides and Informational Pages

Here are some links to more Resource Guides and Informational Pages.


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