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This organization is a Drupal services provider.

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Propeople is a full-service digital agency leveraging the latest trends and technology to provide advanced web development, elegant design, and business-savvy strategy.

We use strategy, design and technology to create value and reach your goals. Our experience, track record, and clear focus ensures a high quality solution each and every time, whether it’s a corporate website, an e-commerce platform, or an international online community.

We are over 200 people in 11 countries, delivering solutions for the world’s best clients.

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Propeople is a part of the Intellecta Group. The companies in the group are Blink Reaction LLC, Bysted AB, Bysted A/S, Hilanders AB, Intellecta Corporate AB, ISBIT GAMES AB, Propeople Group ApS, Rewir AB, River Cresco AB, Unreel AB and Wow Events AB. Intellecta AB is noted on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm and employs around 550 people in Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Moldavia, Ukraine, Brazil, USA, Vietnam and China.

Drupal contributions

Modules developed and/or maintained:
Annotatable Image
Apache Solr Exclude Node
Apache Solr Views
Blog API
Commerce Datacash
Commerce Coupon Free Shipping
CTools Custom Link
CTools plugins
DIBS Payment Gateway API
Domain Access Alt
Domain Location-Distance-Matrix
Drupal Firewall
Elasticsearch Connector
Feeds Database
Feeds HTTPFetcher Append Headers
Field Collection Group
Form Default Button
Fuse Media Management
GMap Image Field
GMap Module
Hook Priority
Image Base64 Formatter
Lime CRM
Linkit picker
Linkit picker solr
Media 23Video Auth
Media 23video
Media Webform
Menu Slice
Node Access Password
Node Convert
Nodequeue Dialog‎
Nodequeue Reference
OAuth 23Video
oEmbed Provider Embed Code
Open Graph Importer
OpenERP <-> Drupal Syncronization Feeds
Panels Style Collapsible
Queue API
RabbitMQ Logs
Ready To GO
Relative Path to Absolute URLs
SalesForce Pusher
Services Guzzle
Services Views
Spam Detect
Style Stripper
Ubercart Auction
Ukrainian Stemmer
Ukrainian Translation
User Email Verification
Watchdog Console.Log
Working Hours
Auto archiver

Commits to modules:
Advanced Forum
ApacheSolr Workbench Moderation
CRM Core
Drupal Module Upgrader
Frequently Asked Questions
GMO Payment Gateway
ImageField Assist
Media Library
pgapi - Payment Gateway API
Select Translation
SMTP Authentication Support
Views Nivo Slider
Yandex Webmaster

Contributions to core
Core commits for Drupal 7 and Drupal 8
Drupal patches to Drupal core through the project

Propeople is a dedicated supporter of Drupal community worldwide, sponsoring global and local events such as Drupalcons in Amsterdam, Austin, Portland, Prague, Paris, San Francisco, Copenhagen, and Chicago. As well as Drupalcamps in the USA, Denmark, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Germany, Austria, and more.

Projects supported

Panel pages internationalization via clone and redirect handlers ( i18n_pc ), Bypass comment review, Media Vimeo Uploader, SVG Infographics, Ctools content type contextual links, Panels Cache Expiration, Asymmetric crypt algorithm (gnupg), SQL Storage cleanup, Drupal Ukraine Community CodeSprints, UUID sync fetcher, Queue API, SalesForce pusher, Domain Setup, Views Nivo Slider

Credited on 12 issues fixed in the past 3 months