This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Looking for a suitable Dynamic menu to complement your Drupal 8 website? Then look no further.

ZT Megamenu offers a simple 4 column dynamic menu with support for 3 levels of menu hierarchies using 3 columns and a single column to show the description and image related to each menu link during menu traversal. The menu offers for Jquery hover effects for increased eyecandy.

The module alters the default menu styles to a more stylistic menu. You can select any menu to have the megamenu style by selecting that menu from the module configuration form.

This module has been designed to be used on a Drupal default theme. Please ensure
to set "Maximum number of menu levels to display" of the selected menu to
"Unlimited" for the menu to work.

Suggestions and enhancements are welcome. Please support this project with your patches and bug reports.

Supporting organizations: 
Developed the module

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