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This module integrates the applet from and provides a configuration interface in the admin section to customize its behavior.

The point of this module is specific to German internet politics. It can be considered an ode to the German Minister for Family Affairs, Ursula von der Leyen.

Among German geeks, she is known as “Zensursula”, a combination of “Zensur” (German for “censorship”) and “Ursula”. She has been pushing for legislation to force ISPs to censor the web much in the same way that China does.

The Ursula von der Leyen-Fanclub at renders her proper homage and demonstrates the module in action.

Get your own Zensursula talking head on your website today!

Install this module to show that you love her and her brilliant plans.

This module was initially written for


Credits to drx and tobi-x from the Ursula von der Leyen-Fanclub. for writing this javascipt-applet.

More info about the "Zensursula" debate

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