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Adds additional options to the Zenophile module when creating a Zen sub-theme, such as:

  • Selecting the Zen font-family
  • Selecting the Zen font-size and line height
  • Opting to hide the skip-to-navigation link until focused
  • Customizing the header height, background image uploads, colorpicker integration, and repeat options for uploaded images.
  • Styling options for borders

This module is still under heavy development and the intent is not for it to become a be all end all theme building solution, but rather a quick way to accomplish generating the css code for a lot of tedious high level theming decisions, much in the spirit of the zen theme and zenophile module.


  • Zenophile (developing against the 1.x branch, although 2.x compatibility appears to work)
  • Zen Theme
  • Colorpicker
  • PHP5+: This module will not operate under PHP4

Development of this module is sponsored by The SuperGroup

I've become too busy to actively develop this module, so if anyone is interested in co-maintaining, please let me know !

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