The Zendesk remote authentication module allows you integrate the Zendesk support service with your Drupal site and synchronize drupal users with zendesk.

Word of Warning:
Don't use this module without testing in a sandbox, or a fresh zendesk install so you don't lose data. While this module does work, the module needs testing and testers!

What is it for?

The purpose of remote authentication is so that users that are logged in on your Drupal site are automatically logged in the zendesk support site. User id, name and email will be synchronized between your Drupal site and Zendesk. Drupal becomes the authority for Zendesk logins.

Role based authentication

The zendesk remote authentication module also contains a role based system for authenticating. According to the user roles, the user will be authenticated.

Account synchronization

Account syncrhonization allows to have better e-mail support integration. New drupal users are automatically added to zendesk. There is support for editing and updating your users.

Installation Instruction

After enabling the module, go the the module setting page or follow the included Readme file.

Project History

Zendesk module was originally built twom. 2012/02: It is now under new maintainership: markwk and Haza.

Curent Development

For now, focus will be on developing a stable 7.x branch while fixing and maintaining 6.x. Both are currently working and functional.

Drupal 8 version is also on his way.

We would be open to any patches or paid contributions to help maintain the project or create additional features.

Thanks to Int3c.com for sponsoring the initial 7.x port and to twom for 6.x development.

Project information