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Zarget is an all-in-one conversion rate optimization platform which helps in boosting your website conversion through A/B testing, heatmaps, Funnel analysis and much more. Create an experiment in minutes with our easy-to-use visual interface, free from manual coding.

Our features:

Heatmaps - See where and what your visitors click.

  • Track clicks on interactive elements.
  • Built in clickmaps.
  • Analyze scrolling patterns with the help of scrollmaps.
  • Get real time reports.
  • Device specific heatmaps.
  • A/B Testing - Increase conversion rate with better page design.

Intuitive Visual editor.

  • Advance targeting option.
  • Segment the results with built in and custom filters.
  • Preview the variations.

Split URL Testing - Pick site redesigns with confidence.

  • Group page testing made easy.
  • Generate and schedule the reports.
  • Redirect query parameters in a click.
  • Segment the results with built in and custom filters.

Funnel Analysis - Find the page that leaks conversions.

  • Track pages which updates dynamically.
  • Instant, real time reports with detailed insights.
  • Segment the results with built in and custom filters.

Form Analytics - Observe how visitors interact with forms and analyze it.

  • View and analyze field by field form metrics.
  • Track form drop-offs, refills and corrections.
  • Advanced graphical data insights.
  • Track form conversion.

Polls & Feedback - Get to know what visitors think.

  • Context specific polls.
  • Logical jumps within polls.
  • Multiple question types to use.

Session Replay - Stop taking chances. See what your visitors really do.

  • Advanced Session Replay player with variety of control options.
  • Wide range of targeting options.
  • Enhanced Data security.
  • Exclusive API’s.

What are you waiting for? Convert your website visitors into customers and earn more revenue by signing up today!!

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