This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Major Note: The current stable release isn't working. Give me a few hours to sort it out, and I will release 1.2 after I test it. I'm currently trying to contact the YShout creator to get the download link, as I recently lost it.

Thanks in advanced,
MichaelNets Design Team

Quickly and effectively integrates Drupal & YShout with the very easy to use Drupal system. The goal of this project is to ensure that you can fully manage all the features of YShout in a simple platform such as Drupal.

Please note: You must own your own copy of YShout
Also note: The YShout at the demo uses a modified version of yshout.js that allows us to override the name and disable that box so that they have to use a certain name, if you wish to use that functionality replace your own yshout.js with this one.

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