NOTE: I will not be developing this feature any further. There is not enough interest. The idea of this module still works though using feeds, feeds_jsonpath_parser, feeds_tamper, video_filter and video_filter_field with the patches I added to the video_filter modules.

This feature will check for all necessary dependencies required to import ALL information provided by the jsonc format of the YouTube gdata API, from any of the video feeds (user favorites/uploads, all the YouTube standard video feeds or a specific playlist) as supported and shown in the YouTube json responses. The json responses tool can also be used for assisting you in getting the right url when building your feeds.

The feature will install two new content types with all associated fields (YouTube Importer and YouTube Video) and one Feeds Importer (YT Importer).

The feature has some dependencies:

  • date
  • features
  • feeds
  • feeds_jsonpath_parser
  • feeds_tamper
  • job_scheduler

To use, just simply create a new YouTube Importer node with the jsonc feed you grabbed from the json responses tool. Periodic import/update is set to off by default and YouTube only allow 50 items per feed. Create more nodes using the start-index feature of gdata api to import more than 50.

Note that the YT Importer that comes with the feature is designed to take json in the format of a favourites list or playlist for a specific user/playlist ID. You will see by looking in the jsonpath parser settings page for the importer that every field is prefixed with "video.". If you want to import from a users uploads list, Standard video feeds or a search query, you will need to make some changes (most importantly removing .video). To figure out the exact format you should read up on the jsonpath parser format which is fairly straightforward.

You can see my original blog post on the feature here.

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