Important note

This module has been moved to Webform Mailchimp namespace since YAML Form also has been moved to Webform namespace. So, this module is only kept for legacy sites which cannot migrate from YAML Form. Please, use Webform Mailchimp for new installations.


This module allows to send YAML form submissions to MailChimp list.



  1. Unzip the files to the "sites/all/modules" OR "modules" directory and enable the module.
  2. Go to YAML forms list page (admin/structure/yamlform) and click "Edit" on desired YAML form.
  3. Click Emails/Handlers secondary tab and then click on "Add handler" button.
  4. Click on "Add handler" button on "MailChimp" row.
  5. Fill in the form. You should have at least one list in your MailChimp account, and at least one Email field in your YAML form.
  6. If you want to map extra fields, create a sign-up form at your MailChimp account (Signup forms => General forms). Add as many form items as you want, but take into account "Field tag" of each one. Each field you have configured in your YAML form, will be mapped there if the "key" value in the YAML form matches "Field tag" value in MailChimp. Don't worry about upper/lowercase.
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