Project contains a set of modules for Drupal 7 that use Yandex.Maps service available at http://maps.yandex.com/.

Uses http://api.yandex.ru/maps/ (API 2.x).


  • Yandex Maps (main module, description provided below).
  • Yandex Maps Example (submodule). Feature-based module which demonstrates example content type containing "Yandex Map" field and view to output maps. For demo purposes only!
  • Yandex Maps Views (submodule). Enables integration with Views for "Yandex Map" field and provides "Yandex Maps" display plugin.


  • Map can be displayed as interactive object ("dynamic map") or image ("static map").
  • Map can be displayed by click on the "button" with configurable text.
  • Change the type, size and center of the map.
  • Add placemarks, select label color, change texts, add labels using the search string.
  • Draw polylines, chose colors, transparency, line width, text.
  • Draw polygons, chose colors and line width, fill color, transparency, texts.
  • Add a route.
  • Displays traffic jams.

Requirements, installation and uninstallation

Requires core "block" and "field" modules.

Modules doesn't contain specific installation / uninstallation instructions.

Installing Drupal module: https://drupal.org/documentation/install/modules-themes/modules-7.

Configuration and usage

Module provides configurable "Yandex Maps" field, which can be added to any type of Drupal content.

Field may accept "Dynamic" or "Static" formats.

"Dynamic" format means that map is displayed as interactive object.

"Static" format means that map is displayed as regular image.

Module also provides configurable amount of "Yandex Maps" blocks to display maps in any regions of the website.

Block may also present map as a "Dynamic" (interactive object) or "Static" (image).


Project information