This module is a simple implementation of the XRDS-Simple spec, which used to live at:

XRDS-Simple provides a format and workflow for the discovery of resources metadata, and other linked resources.

XRDS-Simple is an important part of the DiSo project ( and used by OpenID and OAuth for service discovery.

While it has since been merged back into the main XRD spec, this module still provides a way for Drupal to publish an XRDS document.

The module is an API module with no User Interface of its own. You would usually only install it as a dependency of an other module.

It exposes a single hook: hook_xrds() that can be used by other modules to announce services via XRDS.

See the xrds_simple.api.php file for an example. You can also look at the OpenID Provider or OpenID ICAM Extension modules for more examples of how to use hook_xrds().

Project information