This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This is my personal version of Devel, which utilises Devel functions in a slightly different way.

It's main use is to provide an analogue to dpm(), xdump().

The key differences are:

  • xdump() does not try to guess whether your data should use krumo or not, and this will properly differentiate between FALSE, 0 and NULL, and give you line numbers for text dumps
  • xdump() can be used within batch processes or other places dpm() will turn itself off

Though patches are welcome this module is largely unsupported and may break at any time, but if you know what it does that probably wont bother you.


// Dump a variable to messages.
xdump($some_var, $name = NULL, $type = 'status');

// Dump using KrumoNG (if installed)

// Dump using Kint (if installed)
xkint($data, $type = 'status');

// Export a human-readable CSV of all modules and their installed state.
// This should be called from devel/php, as it will spit out a CSV file.

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