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Wysiwyg PreElement Fix is a wysiwyg editor plugin that enables the preelementfix plugin for TinyMCE. This plugin tries to fix some issues with TinyMCE's handling of the PRE element. It is especially useful when trying to integrate the SyntaxHighlighter module into TinyMCE.

This plugin addresses the following issues with the

 element within TinyMCE:

Enter key:
MSIE and WebKit creates a new sibling PRE element each time the users hits enter.
Opera and Firefox creates a BR element.

Tab key:
When pressing the tab key in Firefox nothing happens.
WebKit creates a tab char inside a span element.

The plugin makes addresses these issues by making pre elements:
  • Preserve white space.
  • Contain no X/HTML child nodes.
  • Do not create a new sibling PRE elements when the enter key is pressed.
  • Tab key should create a tab character. This is just nice to have and since MISE handles this other should to :).


To enable this module:
  1. Upload it to your sites/all/modules folder and enable it on the admin/build/modules page.
  2. Install the TinyMCE preelementfix plugin...
    You will need to download and install the TinyMCE preelementfix plugin which is available from: Download, extract the plugin into the wysiwyg_preelementfix/tinymce/ directory After installation it should be found in wysiwyg_preelementfix/tinymce/preelementfix/
  3. Configure one of your WYSIWYG profiles to use the TinyMCE preelementfix plugin.
  4. Verify that TinyMCE handles
     elements correctly when you create or edit a page using your WYSISWYG profile.


Wysiwyg API TinyMCE Pre Element Fix plugin


Wysiwyg Pre Element Fix is being developed by Tom Kirkpatrick (mrfelton) of Kirkdesigns. The author may be contacted for paid customisations of this module, Drupal consultation or other Drupal-related projects. How can you get involved? * Report any bugs, feature requests, etc. in the issue tracker. * Contact the maintainer with any comments, questions, or a quote for custom module customisations.

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