Current Maintainer: Scot Hubbard -

This module allows content creators/maintainers to add maps to content via the TinyMCE & CKEditor WYSIWYG editors (it has been tested against these two editors, it may also work with others).

A WYSIWYG toolbar button can be enabled under the WYSIWYG profiles setup to allow the user to open a dialog that will enabled them to find a point on a map, set the width, height and zoom factor and map type, and insert a token directly into the filtered content. The map will then display
when the content is viewed normally.

It is also necessary to enable to filter under Text Formats (this will convert the token into the corresponding map when the content is veiwed normally). Make sure the WYSIWYG Map Filter is one of the last to run.


Install as usual...


There are no specific config options for this module other than enabling the filter and the WYSIWYG button as described above.


The functionality of thie module is contained in the Google Map Field module, but it will be removed from that module in it's next release. This module supports all tokens generated by the Google Map Field WYSIWYG function.

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