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WYSIWYG ImageField

The Wysiwyg ImageField module is an inline image management tool for the Wysiwyg module based on the ImageField and Insert modules with an IMCE-esque image library provided by the FileField Sources and Views modules.

Wsyiwyg Fields

Wysiwyg ImageField is currently being re-written as Wysiwyg Fields, which will allow for any CCK field to be used inside the Wysiwyg.
Checkout a quick demonstration of the early module at


Required modules

Recommended modules


Wysiwyg ImageField must be enabled and configured on each desired Content type, follow these simple steps to do so:

  1. Create a new ImageField or edit a pre-defined ImageField on the desired Content types 'Manage fields' page.
  2. Check the 'Use with Wysiwyg ImageField?' checkbox.
    Note: Only one ImageField per Content type can be used.
  3. Under the 'Insert' section, check the 'Enable insert button' checkbox and configure the 'Enabled insert styles' and 'Default insert styles' sections.
  4. (optional*) Under the 'File sources' section, check the 'Autocomplete reference textfield' checkbox.
  5. Set 'Number of values' to 'Unlimited'.

Once Wysiwyg ImageField is configured in your desired Content types, enable the Wysiwyg plugin on your desired Wysiwyg profile and you are ready to go.

* Requires FileField Sources module and Views module to provide Image Library functionality.

More documentation

Additional help, tips & tricks and FAQs can be found in the following locations:

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