This module brings you wysiwyg grammar checking from Proofread

Wysiwyg support

The module integrates with TinyMCE at the moment, but I accept patches for other wysiwygs (FCKEditor, Aloha Editor etc.). Proofread Bot also has an affiliate program, so if you develop a wysiwyg integration you would gain exposure on increasing your chances to profit from your work! Take a look at the existing integrations at the very bottom on the pages.

Language support

At the moment English is supported, but more languages are planned. Take a look at the contributor's guide, and you can start creating checks for your own language, and possibly make some money as well.

Types of checks

  • grammar
  • style
  • statistic
  • plagiarism

Take a look at a sample report here, and for a list of the current grammar rules. If you have a rule in mind please suggest it in the support forums.


1. Install this module and the wysiwyg module with TinyMCE.
2. Set permissions for roles that can check their text.
3. Edit filters profiles in your wyisiwyg settings where you want to use the grammar checker, like "filtered html" or "full html"
3. Flush your js cache if you have it turned on, so the tinymce plugin is included.
4. Once installed, you can configure the module settings at admin/config/system/proofread_bot, and if you registered for an account and bought some credits you can enter your details here. You have 1 free proofreading per day. For more, please buy some at


A button will appear with the text fields you allowed in the configuration, and clicking on it will pass your content to the Proofread Bot service and give you back the results. This may take a few seconds so be patient.

Project information