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Wysiwyg Fields is an Inline field management system, a module that bridges the gap between Drupal fields and CKEditor, giving the power of Drupal's field system via the simple usability of a CKEditor dialog.

What that means is that Wysiwyg Fields allows for any Drupal field to be embedded directly into CKEditor and behave as a native CKEditor plugin, removing unnecessary clutter from your Drupal entity forms.


Required modules


Recommended modules



  1. Install the module and dependencies as per standard Drupal instructions.
  2. Create or update a field so that it uses the Wysiwyg field widget.
  3. Add your Wysiwyg field button to a CKEditor profile.

Note: If you are using a local installation of the CKEditor javascript library you will need to install the following plugins into your CKEditor plugins directory (e.g., sites/all/modules/ckeditor/plugins):


Demonstration distribution

The Wysiwyg Fields demonstration distribution sets up a basic Drupal site with multiple content types and multiple Wysiwyg fields ready to play with out of the box.

You can also try it out on SimplyTest.Me:


Regarding 7.x-1.x and below

There is not currently an upgrade path from old versions of Wysiwyg Fields.


Supporting organizations: 
7.x sponsorship and development
7.x-1.x sponsorship
7.x-2.x sponsorship

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