This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module provides a WYSIWYG editor using the CKEditor library. While there are other approaches to integrating CKEditor into Drupal (through either the WYSIWYG module or CKEditor module), this project takes a combination approach mixing the best from WYSIWYG module (generic bindings to text formats) with tight direct integration with Drupal. The current version of CKEditor bundled is 4.2.

This module is currently experimental. It does not yet integrate with any existing 3rd party modules such as Media or WYSIWYG Fields. Support for these modules is planned through WYSIWYG API for Drupal 7, but not yet integrated.


  • Bundled lightweight CKEditor 4.x version, optimized for Drupal integration (no unneeded plugins makes for faster loading). No need to download the editor separately.
  • Additional add-on plugins that tightly integrate Drupal with CKEditor
    • Drupal Image plugin
    • Drupal Image captioning plugin
    • Webkit Resize plugin (adds support for resize handles in Chrome/Safari)
  • Dependency on WYSIWYG module keeps compatibility with other WYSIWYG editors
  • Uses absolutely no inline styles. All buttons and cleanup uses a consistent set of classes which can be themed.


Incompatibility notice

Because this project claims the "ckeditor.module" namespace, it cannot be installed at the same time as the stand-alone CKEditor module in your modules directory. Even if that module is not enabled, the presence of it will confuse Drupal. Be sure to first disable the module, then uninstall it through the Drupal interface, and finally remove any copy of it from your Drupal installation before attempting to use this module. The opposite also applies if you are moving from this module to the stand-alone CKEditor module.

Project information