This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Wysiwyg ASCII Math is a Wysiwyg editor plugin that adds ASCII and TeX entry of math/formulas and plots/graphs entered in ASCII/TeX.

It allows for Client-side conversion of ASCII & TeX equations into nicely typeset formulas and falls back to Server-side generation of images (using mimetex.cgi) for browsers that don't support MathML.

Preview your formula right in the editor while you edit the page and dive into its plain text representation to make changes that are easy to enter and understand. Includes a palette of math symbols and constructs for quick formula entry.

Plot your formulas with same elegance of typing the equations in plain text.

Currently supports only Drupal-6.x and TinyMCE.
(6.x-1.x-dev supports TinyMCE 3.4.4)

Requires Wysiwyg API.

Note: Updated to work with Wysiwyg API 2009-05-19 (editors moved to sites/all/libraries). It is known to NOT support Wysiwyg API 6.x-2.0-alpha1.

Relies on mimetex.cgi for server-side image generation from ASCII/TeX for image fallback if the browser does not support MathML (see INSTALL.txt for instructions).
Mimetex binaries created by John Forkosh available as a separate download from here.

Known Problems

(see UPDATE below) Wysiwyg ASCII Math 6.x-1.2 is incompatible with TinyMCE media plugin:

There is poorly written code in TinyMCE media plugin that messes up <embed> tags that do not belong to media plugin, which breaks Ascii Math.
UPDATE: TinyMCE 3.4.4 has a new media plugin that solved this problem, latest rev Wysiwyg ASCII Math 6.x.1-.x-dev is required alone with TinyMCE update.


Drupal module written by iva2k.

ASCIIMath and ASCIIsvg plugins for TinyMCE written by:
(c) 2008 David Lippman.
(Forked at ver 0.16 2/26/09)
(6.x-1.x-dev Updated to ver 0.31 8/29/2011)
(6.x-1.x-dev Updated to ver 0.32 8/30/2011)


Looking for co-maintainers - if you want to be involved - please send your request.
Latest ASCIIMathML (the initial library that was forked into ASCIIMath/ASCIIsvg) contains support for LaTeX - it is possible to port new features into Wysiwyg ASCII Math if there is interest.

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