This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

World Phone module implements a CCK field for entering international phone numbers with country codes.

Administrators may add one or more phone number fields to any node type. When entering phone numbers, a site's users may select country codes from a dropdown list of countries, or include them with the typed number itself by prefixing it with a "+" sign.

When displayed, numbers can be shown with or without their country codes. The module can also suppress the display of a country code if it matches the default country code for the site. (So that, for example, a site based in the UK can be configured to display country codes only for non-UK phone numbers.)

This module includes basic support for every country code defined in ITU-T recommendation E.164 (see the file for more details).

For phone numbers which are restricted to a single country, you may wish to use the Phone (CCK) module instead.

This module was originally developed by RealCME, Inc..

For the moment, this module incorporates Sam Collett's jQuery Selectboxes module, under its GPL license.


This module is obsolete and has not been ported forward to D6/D7/D8. There may now be other modules that provide this functionality.

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