This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Only compatible with Workflow 7.x-1.x versions!

Workflow import is a convenient module to put existing content into a workflow state after the workflow module has been installed. When the workflow module is installed the existing content in the database is not updated into having a workflow state. This could be a problem because those content nodes may be left inaccessible when using workflow access.

This is an updated version of the existing workflow post install module for Drupal 6, with a more useful management interface.

This module has only one function: to put content that is in No state (and of a type that participates in workflows, as set on the admin/config/workflow page), into a valid workflow state, thus making it accessible and usable in workflows. This refers in particular to content that existed before you installed the Workflow module. Therefore you typically use this module only once, namely shortly after enabling the Workflow module (after that you may uninstall it).

The development of this module was sponsored by Tate.

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