This module allows to create and manage widgets via
blocks without writing HTML/JS code, just configuring an option form.

You can create as many widgets as you want, configuring default options
for all of them, or overriding them as you want.

The main module allows to manage configurable core Blocks, but this
module comes with four submodules if that is not enough:

  • Bean: Integration with Bean module.
  • Boxes: Integration with Boxes module.
  • CTools: Integration with CTools.
    • It defines a configurable Content Type plugin.
  • Views: Integration with Views.
    • It defines a configurable View Handler Area.
    • View Handler Areas can be placed in:
      • View's Header.
      • View's Footer.
      • View's Empty area.

API key is detected at installation time (if possible) or it can be
configured/changed via administration.

This module is integrated with Features when using core blocks.
If you are using widgets via submodules, they are also natively exportable.
Default options are system variables, so they can be exported with Strongarm.

Supporting organizations: 
Initial development and maintenance

Project Information