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The Whereis module is a proof of concept that allows you to send coordinates from your GPS-enabled phone to Drupal. At the moment this module doesn't do much except update a location-enabled node with a new latitude and longitude.

How it works

Whereis includes a Nokia Symbian S60 client (written in Python) that you can install on your phone. It's extremely basic at the moment: all it does is grab your lat/long from the GPS, and allow you to send the data to your Drupal site using the XMLRPC interface.


  • Nokia S60 phone (only tested on Nokia 5800 which is S60 rev 5)
  • PyS60 (Python for S60)
  • Location module


Enable the Whereis and Location Drupal modules like you would any other. Location-enable a node type (for example, the story node type), and create a node of this type. Make sure it is storing the lat/long coordinates properly. Remember the node id of this node. Then, on your phone:

  • Install PyS60 runtime.
  • Install PyS60 shell.
  • Use bluetooth or USB cable to transfer the file from the s60_client directory to your phone's c:\data\python\ directory.
  • Run the Python shell application, and go to "Run script".
  • Choose the file
  • You should see a blue screen appear and your current lat/long will be queried from the GPS and displayed live.
  • Under Options->Config you can set Username, Password, URL, Node id. The only settings in use at the moment are URL and Node id.
  • Set the Node id to the id of the location-enabled node you created above.
  • Set the URL to the full path of your site's XMLRPC.php file. If you are just running a local sandbox with the Whereis module installed, then make sure that your phone connects to the same WIFI network as your site's server. You can then enter a value like for the URL
  • Go to Options->Sync to server and the client will make an XMLRPC request to Drupal to update the node's location with new lat/long

Recommended links

I'm currently using PyS60 version 1.9.4 which is available from The Python S60 Wiki contains some useful information, but the best resource for getting started with mobile Python programming is the book Mobile Python as well as the author's site. There's another good site with best practices and tips located at

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