Wedding Bells Drupal Theme

Wedding Bells is a GPL theme that I ported from Wordpress that is great for a wedding related website or blog. I did my best to keep it exactly like the original theme. This was my first contributed Drupal theme on, so please share any criticisms or suggestions for improvement in the issue queue. I have recently updated it to Drupal 7!

I plan to add several more regions to the theme to make it a more versatile theme for block and content configurations. The included header image can easily be changed out to an image of your choice, which can instantly change the overall theme of the site without much other work.


Drupal 7 Ready!
2 Column Layout
Right Sidebar
Fully XHTML and CSS Valid
Pure CSS Dropdown Menus

Future Plans

Continue to add additional block regions to make the theme more versatile.

Contributed by Arbor Web Development.

Project information