The WebSnapr Preview Bubble module is a simple, unobtrusive script used to display an overlay bubble showing a hyper-link target thumbnail using WebSnapr. It's a snap to setup and works on all modern browsers. Check the demo at:

Development of this module was sponsored by


Install Websnapr by downloading the latest stable module release.

Decompress the .tar.gz file and drop the entire compressed file contents into 'sites/all/modules'. If this directory does not exist you may need to create it.

FInd and enable the module in Javascript package at Modules page.


The module should be ready for use for links in node pages as soon as it's enabled. However, for continuous usage, you'll need to go at and get a "developer key".

Feed this "developer key" in the module's settings form at:

  • Drupal 6:
  • Drupal 7:

There's also a CSS Selector option on the module's settings page for filtering hyperlinks to enable the WebSnapr Preview Bubbles for. Examples are provided for ease of understanding.

Bubbles are always enabled for hyper-links having class "previewlink", irrespective of any configuration.

Do not forget to configure permissions for user roles to view WebSnapr Preview Bubbles at:

  • Drupal 6:
  • Drupal 7:


If you experience a problem with websnapr module, file a request or issue on the websnapr queue at

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