Webform Tokens provides tokens for user form submissions for forms created with the module Webform 3. This functionality is included in Webform 4, so this module is not needed. The tokens can then be used anywhere tokens are supported. The Token module is required to see what tokens are available.

For example, the Fill PDF module makes PDFs based on the token values of a given node. With Webform Tokens installed, Fill PDF can make PDFs using the values submitted to a Webform. Only install Webform Tokens if another module makes use of it; it doesn't do anything on its own.

Webform Tokens currently only exposes the values from the user's most recent submission to a given Webform.

This module is supported for Webform 3 on Drupal 7. Webform 4 has tokens built-in, so this module is not needed. For upgrade from Webform 3 to Webform 4, Webform Tokens 7.x-4.0 contains an upgrade hook which converts the tokens used in FillPDF to the format needed by Webform 4. Run the update hook, then uninstall the module. Do not install this module for new installations of Webform 4.

For Drupal 6, the code is integrated into Fill PDF. There is also an unsupported Drupal 6 version which you can find in the version control repository.

Token Syntax

Tokens are generated by this module in this form:

form_key is configured in Webform under the Advanced settings for each form component.

For example, a typical form might result in these tokens:


In addition, the metadata that comes with each submission is also exposed. Examples:
[webform:meta-nid] Node ID of the form
[webform:meta-sid] Submission ID of this submission
[webform:meta-submitted] POSIX timestamp of the submission
[webform:meta-uid] User ID of the user submitting the form
[webform:meta-remote_addr] IP address of the user submitting the form

The module that asked you to download this one should provide instructions below the form field where you are using Webform Tokens.

Webform Rules warning

Older versions of this module's tokens conflict with Webform Rules. This is fixed in Webform Tokens 7.x-1.5.

This module is possible because of the work of Liam Morland and Kevin Kaland of Fill PDF Service.

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