This is a helper module to prepopulate newly created webforms and to export / import webforms between sites.

Only tested on Webform 6.x-3.x and 7.x-4.x / Exports between different versions (6.x to 7.x or 3.x to 4.x) will probably not work.

Example usage 1: Prepopulated webforms

  1. Create a webform with the required components.
  2. Export the webform
  3. Edit the webform content type and paste in the content from the export (under Publishing options)
  4. Use the standard node add content links and each new content item created should be prepopulated with the exported webform.

Example usage 2: Synchronization of webforms

  1. Export the webform that has the settings you want
  2. Import these over the existing webform.

Note that the existing webform components are replaced with the new webform components. If a component is dropped or the key is renamed, you will no longer have access to any user submitted data.

This requires users to have the permission "access webform share functionality" to use the import and to setup the default settings before users can use these features. These tasks execute PHP to generate the webform values and is considered a security risk that should not be granted to untrusted users.

Related modules

The similar functionality can be gained using Node Export , Node Clone, or any of the other modules that can handle exporting and importing of entities.

Webform Default Fields also encapsulates cloning of an existing webform when creating new webforms. Another one is Webform Template. And another Webform defaults which sounds very similar to Webform Default Fields.

Initial discussion can be found here at looking at the possibility of merging, #1689434: Six overlapping modules.

This module differs as it does not require existing webforms to sit around in your installation, is completely seamless with "node/add" and supplies some controls on how to import over or reset existing web-forms.

This module will remain actively maintained in the immediate future, as the seamless, (sorta) simple and clean nature (no lying around nodes) is a must have for me.

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