This module provides a handy solution for the following situation:

  • you want to offer some files for download to either anonymous or registered users
  • you don't want those files to be publicly accessible
  • you want to collect some data before granting access to the files
  • you want to be sure that the user gives a valid email address

Functional overview

This module provides protected downloads using webforms. When you create a webform you can select which of the attached files you want to protect. You need to specify the webform field used for the confirmation mail (this must be a mandatory email field) and how long the download should be accessible after the user has submitted the form.
When a user submits a webform with protected files he will be sent an email with a link to the downloads page. The link contains an individual hash code that will be checked upon page load to verify the access. If verification fails access will be denied. If it succeeds the user will see the default private upload file listing with all protected files that are attached to the webform.

Dependencies (Drupal 6)

Dependencies (Drupal 7)

  • Webform (tested with 7.x-3.6 and 7.x-4.0-alpha8)
  • Token (tested with 7.x-1.0-beta1)


See the included README.txt


See the included README.txt.

Also, thanks to alex_drupal_dev there is a 30 minute video tutorial on youtube:

Known problems

To test this module on some local machines you might need the SMTP module, see

Comparison to other modules

Check out the Comparison of file download gateway and tracking modules for a list of similar modules.

How you could help

  • Test functionality and give feedback
  • Write a handbook page or enhance first time setup instructions for the README.txt
  • Write and contribute automated tests

Project information