About Webform2vTiger module

Webform2vTiger extends the Drupal Webform 3.x module with the ability to capture webform results as a new lead in vtiger CRM.



1. Install webform2vtiger as you install a drupal module:
- Copy the webform2vtiger directory to the Drupal modules directory for your site.
- Login as an administrator. Enable the module in the "administer" -> "build" -> "modules".

2. Get vtiger CRM application unique key (we will need it in a later step):
it is found in variable $application_unique_key in vtiger configuration file
[vtiger base]/config.inc.php

3. Decide which user of vtiger CRM will be used to submit new leads and get this user's username and access key. You will need them in module configuration screen.

4. Set up in vtiger CRM leads any needed custom fields and set the required fields as mandatory. Do this before configuring webform2vtiger module, as it will be pulling this information from vtiger CRM automatically.

5. Configure your vtiger CRM settings in the
"administer" -> "site configuration" -> "Webform to vtiger CRM"
(admin/settings/webform2vtiger). Allow module to test provided url before saving settings and the module will pull information about custom and mandatory variables from vtiger CRM.

6. Create a new webform or open existing form for editing.

7. Edit form fields. Map needed webform fields to vtiger CRM. At the bottom of the form you will see Advanced Settings. Select which vtiger CRM field you want to map the webform field to in the "administer" -> "Webforms" -> "edit" -> "form components" -> "Edit" -> "Advanced settings".


-You need to bind at least all required vtiger CRM fields for new leads to be created. Else vtiger CRM doesn't save any lead!
-You can bind each vtiger CRM field only once in the same webform.

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