Download webform-8.x-5.0-rc3.tar.gztar.gz 4.31 MB
MD5: 00a8136e4c4c1acac6f72f9a2c01a9ea
SHA-1: d39a98cedff2f38abee4291dfa47a48d1a865787
SHA-256: 2e1cfc23a4d32453536eee8ce8895c51c1e889615c76aff9cfce15134112d7fe
Download webform-8.x-5.0-rc3.zipzip 5.1 MB
MD5: 20e09ee6842ca54201816108d319d27e
SHA-1: 1d232ccc9004d14369f59fbc1acd80a2f94428c7
SHA-256: 5230e3af58fd6aab23de6f98bb8898387980407b7aabac3f48a41dbff660eb79
Install with Composer: $ composer require 'drupal/webform:^5.0'
Using Composer to manage Drupal site dependencies

Release info

Created by: jrockowitz
Created on: 4 Feb 2018 at 12:03 UTC
Last updated: 4 Feb 2018 at 12:08 UTC
Core compatibility: 8.x
Release type: Bug fixes, New features

Release notes

Change records

Changes since 8.x-5.0-rc2:

  • Issue #2941908 by jrockowitz: Custom composite header is missing titles
  • Issue #2941740 by jrockowitz: Provide a checkbox value input
  • Issue #2941471 by jrockowitz: Setting a Managed file element's file size to the same as the default does not save the setting to config, results in other environments having incorrect setting
  • Issue #2886323 by jrockowitz: Captcha element does not hide for users with the skip CAPTCHA permission
  • Issue #2941297 by jrockowitz: Contribute dependency not auto enabled
  • Issue #2940588 by bucefal91: Rewrite WebformEntityElementsValidationTest from Kernel to Unit
  • Issue #2941174 by jrockowitz: otice: Undefined index: administer in Drupal\webform\EntitySettings\WebformEntitySettingsAccessForm->form()
  • Issue #2940530 by bucefal91: Tests failures on PHP 7.2.x
  • Issue #2936713 by weseze, jrockowitz: Not all email headers allow tokens
  • Issue #2941067 by jrockowitz: Add current page Title token support

Changes since 8.x-5.0-rc1:

  • Issue #2932072 by jrockowitz, leraa: Users always auto-create entity reference terms
  • Issue #2940490 by jrockowitz: Autofill webform with previous submission data
  • Revert "Issue #2939412 by jrockowitz, Ice-D: Tokens not replaced on preview page"
  • Issue #2940422 by jrockowitz: Webform email ids are not specific enough
  • Issue #2939278 by Ice-D, jrockowitz: Sub-elements of hidden container-type elements shouldn't be required
  • Issue #2940270 by jrockowitz: Render webform_actions inside container
  • Issue #2939948 by Ice-D, jrockowitz: Date fields should respect #min and #max in test-mode
  • Issue #2857165 by jrockowitz: Ability to clone a submission
  • Issue #2939859 by jrockowitz, bucefal91: Improve checkboxes and radios description handling
  • Issue #2939828 by jrockowitz: Allow site builder to display required indicator on all webforms or a specified webform
  • Issue #2939412 by jrockowitz, Ice-D: Tokens not replaced on preview page
  • Issue #2939302 by jrockowitz: Empty element values print token as string in Email Handlers
  • Issue #2939788 by jrockowitz: Custom email body replaced with "Array" on validation error (disabled dialogs)
  • Revert "Issue #2936713 by weseze: Not all email headers allow tokens"
  • Issue #2936713 by weseze: Not all email headers allow tokens
  • Issue #2938651 by jrockowitz: Improve Composite element and multiple element #states API support
  • Issue #2939288 by jrockowitz, lomale: What do mean with element name
  • Issue #2937761 by casey, jrockowitz: Use shorten parameter of Unicode::mimeHeaderEncode() for From header
  • Issue #2938814 by jrockowitz, hkirsman: How does the "Custom selector" work?
  • Add .webform-submission-form to CSS asset input description.
  • Issue #2937629 by jrockowitz, pminf: Unable to add childs to container of type item
  • Add Webform Simplenews Handler to add-ons.
  • Issue #2938414 by jrockowitz, Maheshwaran.j: Checkboxes don't support #states required
  • Issue #2938180 by malcolm_p: Webform Response Subscriber Error
  • Issue #2937501 by jrockowitz: Multi-page form breaks when required element hidden by previous page
  • Issue #2937175 by jrockowitz: Visible state based on select list not working
  • Issue #2937156 by jrockowitz: error with very big webform submission
  • Issue #2937258 by hkirsman, jrockowitz: Error: Class 'Drupal\taxonomy\Entity\Vocabulary' not found
  • Issue #2934148 by jrockowitz, Ice-D: Validation on hidden elements should be optionally disabled
  • Issue #2936020 by jrockowitz, nishant.addweb: Add Contribute module as a dependency
  • Issue #2936852 by jrockowitz: Allow emails to be sent only via Resend tab or custom code
  • Issue #2936429: Add HR examples to style-guide
  • Issue #2934323 by jrockowitz: Terms of service element is only validated on clientside
  • Issue #2936212 by agoradesign: Resend webform does not include the webform_submission entity as parameter
  • Issue #2916800 by jrockowitz, Grimreaper, NickWilde: Drush 9 support
  • Issue #2936024 by jrockowitz: Make handler titles click-able and move description
  • Issue #2935697 by jrockowitz: Add support for new Off-Canvas dialog tray
  • Issue #2916800 by jrockowitz, Grimreaper, NickWilde, dimmech: Drush 9 support
  • Issue #2935760 by jrockowitz: Stop 8.5.x from adding destination to WebformEntityListBuilder links
  • Issue #2935660 by jrockowitz: Allow webforms to be filtered by user name and role name
  • Issue #2935387 by Maheshwaran.j: Demo event content type exists even after uninstalling webform
  • Issue #2935603 by Maheshwaran.j: Typo in .install file of webform demo
  • Issue #2935521 by jrockowitz: Locked submission should not display confirmation page
  • Issue #2935099 by jrockowitz: Once a webform handler is marked as broken it can not be restored
  • Issue #2935119 by jrockowitz: Help text for Checkboxes and Checkboxes Other is interchanged
  • Issue #2934983 by jrockowitz: Unable to close template
  • Update composer.json to include docs and forum.
  • Issue #2888862 by mferanda, jrockowitz: Provide a mechanism to lock a webform submission
  • Issue #2934723 by richgerdes: Regex in Email handler matches tokens in long strings
  • Issue #2934172 by Maheshwaran.j: Event demo date
  • Add Hubspot module to add-ons.
  • Issue #2934578 by Ameer Khan, jrockowitz: Minor css change for submit button's background color
  • Issue #2934114 by khiminrm, jrockowitz, Ameer Khan: Select 'Country' from address element doesn't have label for empty option
  • Issue #2934087 by jrockowitz, Maheshwaran.j: While Creating a form , First select option in drop down list is empty, instead can display --none-- or --select--
  • Issue #2934542 by jrockowitz: Fix broken Webform.Drupal\webform\Tests\WebformLibrariesTest
  • Issue #2933705 by jrockowitz, testii28, Maheshwaran.j: Element Range
  • Issue #2933943 by jrockowitz: Template of composite element doesn't work for multiple value
  • Issue #2933985 by richgerdes: JQuery UI button widget CSS missing
  • Issue #2933792 by jrockowitz: Bug with long date format
  • Issue #2933758 by jrockowitz: PHP Fatal error upon installation
  • Issue #2893387 by jrockowitz, Sarahphp1: Don't have webform attached to content types
  • Issue #2932564 by jrockowitz, Sarahphp1: trim/clean file's name after file upload
  • Issue #2933173 by jrockowitz, Ameer Khan: Add ajax loader icon
  • Issue #2933571 by jrockowitz: Entering no image options is throwing an error
  • Issue #2932994 by GeduR: PHPCS inaccurate dependencies prefix info.yml


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