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SHA-1: f46266eefbda21d9e7ea7253859353b09ea4cfa6
SHA-256: c58487810bc68f538a07902350b20de5361b5b57b8900d343df57dd97b97ffad
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SHA-256: 57ac131425eafdaebc985a5da745cff07463027db56c3409d5ab404146e1b38e
Install with Composer: $ composer require 'drupal/webform:^5.0'
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Release info

Created by: jrockowitz
Created on: 8 Aug 2017 at 01:10 UTC
Last updated: 11 Sep 2017 at 00:29 UTC
Core compatibility: 8.x
Release type: Bug fixes, New features

Release notes

The Lingotek-Inside Drupal Module is the only Drupal module to integrate a translation management system (TMS) directly into Drupal, thus allowing the Drupal community to use professional-grade translation technologies (e.g. machine translation, translation memory, CAT tool) without ever having to leave the comfort of the Drupal environment.

You can help support the Webform module by signing up and trying the Lingotek-Inside Drupal Module for free. The maintainer of Webform for Drupal 8 (jrockowitz) has become a Lingotek partner. If you become a customer of Lingotek's professional translation service, Jacob Rockowitz will receive a software referral fee, which will help fund his ongoing and dedicated effort to improving and making the Webform module for Drupal 8 awesome!!!

It only takes 5 simple questions to indicate that the Webform module referred you to Lingotek. Then you can download and try the Lingotek module for free.

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  • Issue #2900451: Improve admin settings management
  • Issue #2898424: Improve Remote Post
  • Issue #2873270: Webform Lingotek Integration
  • Issue #2894725: Improve element selection UX
  • Issue #2888626: Support text formats in HTML editor.

Changes since 8.x-5.0-beta15:

  • Issue #2900451 by jrockowitz: Improve admin settings management
  • Issue #2896055 by das.gautam27: From header containing UTF-8 characters appears scrambled in emails
  • Issue #2899556 by jrockowitz, ericyellin: Paragraphs as Entity Reference in Webform not displaying field values
  • Issue #2900398 by jrockowitz: Fix variable set by reference
  • Issue #2899882 by kalistos: Category, Illegal mix of collations error
  • Issue #2899174 by jrockowitz: Allow containers to have custom format and rendered as token value
  • Issue #2899166 by jrockowitz: WORKAROUND: Issue #2582295: Confirmation cancel links are incorrect if installed in a subdirectory
  • Issue #2894450 by jrockowitz: The Maillog module is logging all emails
  • Issue #2899425: Broken links
  • Issue #2898943 by jrockowitz: Add webform-submission.html.twig
  • Issue #2898943: Add webform-submission.html.twig
  • Issue #2898944: Change libraries to use component grouping instead of theme
  • Issue #2898682 by jrockowitz: Make sure codemirror is initialized before #states and details
  • Issue #2898624 by jrockowitz: Change [webform_handler] token to [webform:handler] token
  • Issue #2898424 by jrockowitz: Improve Remote Post
  • Issue #2895809 by jrockowitz: Promote partnerships within the Webform module
  • Issue #2898158 by jrockowitz, amairesse:
    tags are stripped from email since 8.x-5.0-beta13
  • Issue #2898113 by jrockowitz: Details and fieldset elements does not support title display
  • Issue #2898124 by jrockowitz: Improve support for HTML markup in #title
  • Issue #2897712 by jrockowitz, smassally: Webform Contact Element not properly displayed in a form if a flex element is also in that form
  • Issue #2897396: Add a Reference Tab to track Webform nodes. Fix local action links.
  • Issue #2897944 by jrockowitz: Update example style-guide
  • Issue #2897396 by jrockowitz: Add a Reference Tab to track Webform nodes
  • Issue #2896888 by mbrc: Telephone element: Rely on js-prefixed class when appending error message container
  • Issue #2897915 by jrockowitz: Webform node should display open/close message as a warning
  • Issue #2897178 by jrockowitz, zuernBernhard, dbouman: Error Array to String Conversion in Element Description
  • Issue #2897474 by jrockowitz, ksi: Conflict with Javascript in several webforms
  • Issue #2896587 by jrockowitz: Location Type Element
  • Issue #2897242 by jrockowitz: Allow file upload to be replaced by button
  • Issue #2895140 by jrockowitz, geroldk: Email handler field(s) convert special chars to HTML code
  • Issue #2896965 by jurgenhaas, jrockowitz: Special characters error when webform settings contain token
  • Issue #2873270 by jrockowitz: Webform Lingotek Integration
  • Issue #2896707 by jrockowitz: Add terms of service element
  • Issue #2896667 by jrockowitz: Add Reset button
  • Issue #2896405 by jrockowitz: Form item wrapper around markup
  • Issue #2888811 by jrockowitz: webform_update_8025 fails with table prefixes
  • Issue #2896091 by jrockowitz: Custom composite element with states
  • Issue #2893508 by jrockowitz: Add webform_example_composite.module
  • Issue #2895754: Bootstrap theme smart description (aka tooltips) throwing errors.
  • Issue #2894971 by jrockowitz: Multi page wizard previous button triggers validation
  • Issue #2895687 by jrockowitz, email notification with email handler display problem
  • Issue #2895140 by jrockowitz: Email handler field(s) convert special chars to HTML code
  • Issue #2895404 by bucefal91: Out of memory upon export of big submissions
  • Issue #2894721 by jrockowitz: Libraries Not Recognized
  • Issue #2895112 by jrockowitz: Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() bootstrap
  • Issue #2895098 by renat: Typo in Webform Templates submodule description
  • Issue #2894839 by jrockowitz: Add element preview to Webform UI
  • Issue #2894631 by jrockowitz: Update submission preview and view to use #type: item and details
  • Issue #2894062 by jrockowitz: Modal confirmation message
  • Issue #2894725 by jrockowitz: Improve element selection UX
  • Issue #2888626: Support text formats in HTML editor.
  • Issue #2893481 by jrockowitz: Webform overrides custom theme suggestions
  • Issue #2893655 by hanoii: Swiftmailer stopped working
  • Issue #2893622 by hanoii: An illegal choice has been detected on Address composite
  • Issue #2893210 by jrockowitz: Convert FormattableMarkup to Markup when appropriate
  • Issue #2893147 by jrockowitz: Allow empty element label to be customized
  • Issue #2893111 by jrockowitz: Add permissions to form and element access controls
  • Issue #2888717 by fjgarlin, jrockowitz: Option to include empty components in [webform-submission:values] token
  • Issue #2892854: Confirmation page (with tokens) is cached across users. Minor tweak.
  • Issue #2892854 by jrockowitz: Confirmation page (with tokens) is cached across users
  • Issue #2891893 by jrockowitz, marieAscomedia: Token as default value in date field
  • Issue #2892847 by jrockowitz: Use constants for webform confirmation types
  • Issue #2891788 by jrockowitz, gge: Webform Ajax not working properly with Paragraphs
  • Issue #2892500 by jrockowitz: Condition email recipients not working as expected
  • Issue #2892475 by jrockowitz, kenorb: View submission page doesn't display value from the database
  • Issue #2887740 by jrockowitz, frederickjh: CKEditor Text Area not showing when Webform paragraph is present on Node Edit Form in preview mode
  • Issue #2888626 by jrockowitz: Support text formats in HTML editor
  • Issue #2891637 by jrockowitz: Fix Entity Reference Trait
  • Issue #2891924 by jrockowitz: Move old webform examples to webform test module
  • Issue #2892227 by acbramley: Using the message confirmation setting causes both the custom message and the default message to be displayed


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