Version 1.1 introduces some major changes :

1) We now use eduPersonTargetedID as the username instead of eduPersonPrincipalName. eduPersonPrincipalName contains sensitive information which will not be returned in many cases. Using the name could also cause name clashes e.g. multiple persons being called Jens Jensen. eduPersonTargetedID represents a more universally available and usable username.

2) scoping through the IdP-list from WAYF is supported.

3) WAYF Single Logout is supported. This reuires adding an additional binding/location configured in Janus : SingleLogoutService ( see README.text )

D8 : The Drupal 8 development branch is currently not maintained.

This module implements login with the Danish WAYF service.

The goal is to make it easy to connect a Drupal service provider site to WAYF.

The module is self-contained and requires no additional libraries or apache configuration.

The login icon can be placed with a ctools content pane or enabled on the standard user login form.

The module can map singular attributes released from WAYF to user fields.

WAYF is a Danish SAML based Single Sign-On system which permits using one single login to access several web based services. WAYF creates connections between the login systems at the connected institutions and external web based services. WAYF stands for Where Are You From. You have to answer that question when you log into a web based service using WAYF login. Read more about WAYF at

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